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We all know that flying is a costly undertaking. It would help to have as many flight hours as possible to be competitive in this aviation job market.

Building your flight time to become an airline pilot is a long process. The new rules require airline first officers to have a minimum of 1,500 hours and a type rating to fly the right seat in an airliner.



Rent and Fly place you on a fast track to a career in aviation.

With our fleet of well-maintained Cessna 172, we can accommodate your request for time building based on your needs. Our time-building is unbeatable - with the shared time build rate, aircraft availability, and pilot availability for the shared time, we stand out among all schools. Our Hour building programs offer 100, 300, 500 & 1000 hours of shared or solo time building anywhere within the contiguous United States.

Hours Building Programs

Cessna 172

Time building Cessna 172 Miami Florida

Hours Building Programs

Cessna 172RG

Time building Cessna 172 Miami Florida
Airplane Above the Clouds

​Need a partner for your shared flight time? We can provide one (Please get in touch with us for more information)

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